Each session is designed for you to experience a mind, body, and spirit connection to help you feel better. My approach is simple. I bring my expertise and experience on mindfulness tools and integrate it with what I learn about you. I make taking care of you approachable, helping you to discover your whole. All sessions are virtual. 


mini pause 

meditation & journaling / yoga & journaling

In this virtual 30 minute mini class, you can choose between meditation & journaling, or yoga & journaling. Whether you are new to yoga and meditation, or looking for a short break to incorporate mindfulness, come and experience a moment of calm. Offered as one-on-one or group sessions.


self-care coaching

self-care and mindfulness tools for your life

Do you accomplish everything on your "to-do" list, but somehow lack joy?  In this one-on-one coaching, I will guide you to incorporate tangible mindfulness and self-care tools in your daily life so that you can experience moments of joy, calm, and clarity that will ultimately lead you on a path to greater self-discovery where you take care of you. Imagine life coaching with heart. You may choose one area of your life that needs attention or we can work on mindfulness in general. An example of this might be exploring morning routines that works for you. Offered as private one-on-one sessions. 

Timeline: 6 weeks, 30 minutes per session