Hi, I'm Kyunghee.

Meditation & Yoga Teacher, Self-Care Coach 


When you pause, you start to pay attention to the inner you, and this ultimately shapes you little by little in becoming your truest self. To me this is the greatest gift. 

We were always made whole, but the noise and pressures of culture has strayed us away from ourselves. 

I have been there. As a Korean-American woman, there are certain pressures and expectations that come with my culture. For years, I listened to everyone, but me. It wasn't until my energy was depleted and I felt lost and joyless that I started on this journey towards getting quiet and courageous enough to listen. Through years of mindfulness and self-care practices, I learned to slow down and nurture my inner life. My intuition/gut/heart, whatever you want to call it, became a new friend. 

Whether you are carrying cultural pressures or busy taking care of everyone else but you, I am here to help. I am still on this journey and I look forward to helping you become a little more you each day. 

 I serve women who are looking for more joy, inner calm, and clarity with simple, approachable tools that brings a pause to their day. If you are done listening to the noise of your culture and want a better way, I am here to support you. 


my experience 


Certified Yoga Teacher, RYT 200

Training in Ashtanga, Vinyasa , and Yin Yoga have taught me the benefits of each type and how movement can serve different purposes. I have experience in teaching yoga to both children and adults. I am skilled at teaching for all age groups.

Public Schools Educator

16 years as an Elementary School Teacher and Literacy Expert have taught me how to create a nurturing environment that fosters growth and support. It has also given me experience of working with families closely on emotional well-being and how to incorporate mindfulness in their daily lives.

Meditation & Mindfulness Coach 

Obtaining a certificate in Mindfulness, Guided Meditation, and Breath Work has given me greater knowledge on research supported tools, science behind mindfulness, and experience in leading adult groups in mindfulness. I have led both one-on-one sessions and group sessions.