Empowering women in their journey of becoming & belonging through yoga, breathwork, self-care practices 


joy, inner calm, clarity


what people are saying


"My husband and I took a meditative yoga and journaling class led by Kyunghee. Like a lot of people, we maintain a busy life filled with kids, jobs, and schedules, so we fit this class in to make some much needed time for ourselves.  We couldn't be happier that we did!  Kyunghee's naturally calm and reassuring voice and demeanor allowed us to find and ease into our own mental calm. Kyunghee created a nonjudgmental environment of calm focus and  attentiveness that led to a productive meditation and journaling experience."

Megan K.

"Kyunghee has such a calming presence and teaching style. I enjoyed not just the yoga practice she took me through, but the mindfulness and awareness she encouraged throughout it. It was relaxing, comforting, and uplifting."

Jillian C.